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Lets build a Splash Park together!!

The City of Laurel is partnering with the Laurel Montana Community Foundation, L.A.R.C., and the Laurel Chamber of Commerce to bring all of you, the City of Laurel, a Splash Park, but we need your help!!

We all have been longing for the City pool to be open. Unfortunately due to cost of the extensive repairs needing done to make our pool what it once was in all of it's glory, it just isn't possible. Other obstac

les that have been encountered with the pool reopening is the continuous maintenance, laws preventing children under the age of 14 to go without being accompanied by an adult, and getting and keeping qualified help with running the day to day operations.

Mayor Dave Waggoner was heart broken, as well as so many in the community, that the pool couldn't be open but he, like so many others are passionate in wanting to come up with a solution and wanting to make it happen as soon as possible. That is where the desire for a Splash Park was born.

This is a for sure thing!! Many more details to come. The City is working with the City Engineer to come up with the design and the Non-Profit groups are gearing up to start fundrasing.

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